Buddy Colors - Black, White, Gray, Clear 

Bunk Buddy
is an easily attachable tray and requires no tools! It uses only the twist of a thumb to attach to a bed frame or vertical surface.

Bunk Buddy is a great space saving shelf used by all age groups. It allows access to a variety of items, such as laptops, books, cell phone & charger, contact lenses and any item that requires quick, easy access.

Bunk Buddy's construction makes it the perfect accessory for individuals in need of space next to their bed. Individuals on cruise ships, military bases, oil field workers or other on-site employees will enjoy the convenient space.

College Students who need a place for cell phones, iPads, iPods, laptops, food, homework, & various school supplies.
Younger Children who may need things close by such as a cup of water, bedtime books and/or that favorite stuffed animal or baby monitor.
Adults use it as a convenient and easily accessible night stand for glasses, medications, CPAP shelf and many other items.
made in the USA